Thursday, February 5, 2015

Reunion with Hazel

Hey again!! :) So today we got to go visit Hazel at the vet. As you all know, she got spayed Monday around dinner time. The vet has been giving us a call a day to update us about how Hazel is doing, and today they told us she was good enough for us to come visit her. So I just had to go see my baby bunny!

Hazel's "Home" at the vet
 Here Hazel is when she first came in. It took her a moment to remember us, but than she came and kissed me like there was no tomorrow!
Hazel gingerly hopping in and approaching us.
 Hence what I said before, here she is going absolutely crazy about me and kissing me!
This is mine and Hazel's reunion!
 We hugged and snuggled for for about 15 minutes, then Hazel decided she wanted to explore the room.
Me and Hazel are so happy to see each other!

Hazel going to explore.
I'm kinda glad that Hazel has to stay at the vet for a week, because she just didn't seem herself today. She looked a little frazzled, and she was very tired! Also, when she stood up, you could see her scar on her stomach and pink belly. Another thing is, she looked a lot smaller! She must have cut about a pound off her weight and she seemed skinny. You could tell that she had just been through a couple of rough nights - she had some patches of fur that were sticking up and she had crusty stuff below her eyes. Again like I said, its good she going to stay at the vet for a week.
However, that longing face that she made at me when I put her back into her home, made me want to go scoop her up and bring her home! All in all though, she's doing pretty good.

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