Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rock Climbing

Hey!! :) I just went rock climbing today, and I'll show you my videos I took with my Hero3 White GoPro. Today was pretty tiring, as I only got 5 hours of sleep last night, and I did each climb one after the other.
This was my first climb of the day. It was a 5.10B, something nice and easy to start out with.
My second one was also a 5.10B
Finally, I was warmed up enough to head over and climb a 5.11A
Thanks for watching! In total I did 9 climbs all over 5.10A's, so I will continue to post the rest during this week.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Meet Hazel

So here's some videos and pictures of Hazel. By the way, her birthday is July 16, 2014. She is a mini lop, and I adopted her on August 23, 2014. She was 6 weeks old and very tiny, and she has grown a lot! Believe me, she looks all angelic and perfect, but behind those hazel eyes!
This is Hazel on Christmas, enjoying my green bow.
Now she's eating some romaine lettuce.
I stood at the top of my stairs, and well... she came sprinting up!!!

I was doing homework when I saw SOMEONE coming to see me!!
Hazel going upstairs! 

Anyway, this is Hazel, and I hope you enjoyed her. :) I can promise you there'll be MANY more posts of her!


Hey everyone! So I would like to introduce myself. You may have read my Google+ posts and such, so you know I have a bunny. Her name is Hazel, and at the moment she is about 6 months old. I also have a Persian/Himalayan cat named Maui, and he is 16 years old!! He's a pretty old cat, especially since we haven't ever taken him to the vet or anything.
Anyhow, onto me. I have two sisters and a brother. A lot of what this blog will be about is my videos that I take with my Hero3 White GoPro. I love gymnastics, rock climbing, and hiking. Along with that, I may do some book reviews of the books I read, and well just, some random notes I feel like posting. Also, I will post LOTS of pictures of Hazel, (my bunny!) and I may do some trail reports on how things are when I go hiking/rock climbing outside. Anyway, enjoy my blog!
And yes, I do believe that I'm the awesomest person alive, hence the name of the blog!! :)