Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

Hi guys! Happy Valentines Day! Also, today is Hazel's 7 month old birthday! My baby bunny is growing up so fast. :) So how is everyone doing? I'm praying for a snow day tomorrow, and my gymnastics gym has already canceled practice.
Today I went rock climbing, but not for long. Plus, I sadly forgot my GoPro. I was all set for a long 6-7 hour practice, but we lost power! So after a half hour of climbing, I had to go home. Tomorrow, if there's enough snow, I will take my GoPro with me while I sled. Now as I look out the window, there's a half inch of snow covering the driveway...
Just remembering a summer day!
Also, a couple of people have told me that there is a problem with publishing comments. I'm going to try and fix that this afternoon, but I'm not quite sure what the problem is. I think it might be that the people who try to publish comments from their Chromebook, can't because of 'Safety Mode.' Like there's anything unsafe on here! So, if anyone tries to comment, try not using your Chromebook or anything that has Safety Mode on it. Thanks! :)

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