Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Royal Baby!

Oh yea, another thing is, the royal baby and I now share our name! Not JUST my first name, but also my middle name! I think that she'll be the best queen ever. From one Charlotte Elizabeth to another! :)

Also, I can't believe what happened in Nepal! It's like the prime time to climb Mt. Everest! I wonder when people will be able start climbing it again.

One more thing to catch you up on is, I broke 2 school records!!! One for sit-ups. I did 144 in 2 minutes. Then the other one is for pull-ups. I did 40!! Over-grip too!
These ones aren't school records, but I'll tell you anyway. I did 100 push-ups in 2 minutes, jumped 7'2 feet for the standing long jump, and got almost 3 minutes for the flex arm hang. I haven't done the mile run yet, so I'll tell you that later once I do it.

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